Do You use an modeling tool?


I think a UML modeling and documentation maybe useful for more understanding project by members. Do you have any tool?

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Rainbird wrote Nov 3, 2009 at 2:13 PM


we use no uml tool at the moment. Architecture diagrams are created with OpenOffice.org 3.1 (Block diagrams).

Visual Studio 2008 Standard or higher has an excellect class diagram designer, but its not available for Visual C# Express. Team member with Express Edition must be able to work with the solution.

If you know a good free modeling tool, which might be useful, please post the link.

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I have found a useful free tool, we can use to create nice graphical class diagrams. The free C# IDE SharpDevelop has such a feature. Look at the attached file below. You can download SharpDevelop binaries and source code here: http://www.sharpdevelop.com/OpenSource/SD/Default.aspx

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