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List of planned features !

  • Application Server
    • Hosting
      • Multiple applications per server
      • Unlimited modules per application
      • Every module runs in its own sandbox (AppDomain)
      • XCOPY support for module deployment
      • No WCF or Remoting attributes or base classes needed to develop services
      • Easy to use API for consuming services
      • Extendable hosting infrastructure
    • Persistence
      • Every application has its own database
      • Every module has its own schema with ist own tables inside the application´s database
      • Central meta data repository
      • Automatic updates on table definitions when deploying updates of modules
      • ADO.NET based easy to use Persistence API
      • Connector interfaces to external data sources
    • Security
      • Integrated session management per application
      • Extendible user management per application
      • Powerful permission & rights management per application
      • TLS/SSL encrypted network communication
    • Communication
      • Thight coupled binary RPC communication between Services, GUI Components and Web Components
      • Loosely coupled XML encodes message based communication between Services, GUI Components and Web Components
      • Ability to intercept messages and modify them with XSLT to make modules from different parties work togehther
    • Interoperability
      • Connectors to integrate with external applications (e.G. SOAP, REST, ...)
  • Windows-Client
    • Customizable generic shell application
    • Composite Forms (that kind of forms can be created by using customizing tools at runtime)
    • Scripting support for composite forms
    • Plug-In support
    • Automatic update and deployment infrastructure for client components
    • COM Interop Interfaces for integration with COM apps like Microsoft Office

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